A Tasty and Healthy drink alternative
made just for


Our herbal teas are specially formulated to appeal to little humans' taste buds.

They are naturally sweet, refreshing, and smooth.

​Your kids will ask for more, you can bet on that!

For extra sweetness, add a teaspoon of natural orange blossom honey

(not for kids under 1-year-old),

and for a refreshing treat, you can serve any of our teas over ice!


Meet the  TeaTweet Squad

Berry Bear

Apple Rex

Sunny Monkey

Snoozy Soothe

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Coming Soon_edited.png
Coming Soon_edited.png

Did you know you can create fun things with your tea carton?

Super Hero Kids

Give the superheroes in your life a tasty beverage that comes with
added long term wellness benefits!

"I was able to switch my daughter from carton juice boxes to drinking this delicious tea. They smell amazing!"

Abby's mom, 5 years old

What is in our fruit herbal teas?

Organic Ingredients

Caffeine Fee

No added sugars

 Crop to cup sourced ingredients

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