Frequently asked questions

Are these teas free of alergens?

Yes! All of our teas are allergen free, however, some children might be sensitive to chamomile, so it is best to ask your doctor before feeding your child chamomile. Click here to see blend allergen info.

How do I brew the teas?

Children should never brew water or be near any hot beverages! With adult supervision, brew the water to the point when the water it's just starting to bubble, then turn off the kettle or stove. Add the tea bag to the tea pot or tea cup, and wait about 3 minutes - 5 minutes if you would like a stronger brew. Then, after making sure the tea has cooled enough for children to drink, you can enjoy warm, with a bit of honey, or even chilled over ice. If it is taking too long to cool down, feel free to add one ice cube to help ring the temperature down.

How do I introduce teas to my kids?

If your kids are used to drinking more sugary drinks, it might be a bit hard to transition them to teas. Although naturally sweet, they will not be as sweet as juices. The trick is to add honey - if the child is over 1 year or older - or a sweetener such as monk fruit, and eventually lower the amount of sweetener until they can have natural teas. Also, offering a treat such as a graham cracker with the teas will make the experience even better. Serving the tea over ice is also a great way to introduce them to teas, as they are refreshing and satisfying!

When should kids drink tea?

Anytime! Serve them over ice as a regular beverage for meals and snacks, or warm in the evening for a happy belly and good night sleep! Some moms like to have tea time with the kids, and have turned it into a enjoyable, bonding experience with their kids. Click here to see what other moms are doing to enjoy tea time with their children.